Oil Injected Air Compressor

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Oil Injected Air Compressor

  • German TECNOL Air End
    Advanced German TECNOL Air End with larger air delivery and stable running conditions.

  • High Efficiency Motor
    High efficiency totally enclosed fan cooled motor with protection class IP54/IP55 and insulation class F. Standard Tecnol motor.

  • Siemens Electrical Control Protection
    Siemens electrical elements with original package from Germany safe and reliable.

  • Efficient Radiator
    High quality aluminum fins and copper coil materials with good thermal conductivity ensure the perfect cooling efficiency.

  • Seamless Steel Pipe
    Whole seamless steel pipeline system, reduce the oil leakage. With reasonable layout to save space and reduce pressure loss.

  • Oil-gas Tank
    Use Germany technology, cyclone and string separator, to ensure the oil content is less than 2ppm.