Company Profile

compressor was established in 2015, is a professional air compressor manufacturer covering an area of over 27000 square meters, with a production capacity of 6000 sets air compressor monthly with 6 assembling lines and skilled technicians more than 200.

In 2015, TECNOL compressor had introduce the German TECNOL Technology and set the production center in Hannover for the screw air compressor. In 2015 TECNOL compressor introduce Japanese technology to develop and produce oil free water lubricated air compressor, and set the oil free

In 2015 TECNOL compressor introduce Japanese technology to develop and produce oil free waterlubricated air compressor, and set the oil free compressor production centre in Hannover. At the same time TECNOL have a good cooperation with Leibniz University Hannover and University of Hanover.

We Are Working Since:

TECNOL compressor integrates R&D, design, manufacturing and sales. The air compressor categories include screw type, piston type, oil free type, low pressure type, high pressure type, energy saving VSD type, all-in-one type etc.

TECNOL compressor has passed ISO 9001 management system certification, the products have passed the CE and TUV certification.

We can not only offer customers high quality air compressor, but also provide after treatment such as dryers and filters to match the compressor which assure every of our customers can have our fast and professional after service so as to help customers save time.

Creting value for customers first is the only way to achieve self-worth. We look forward to cooperating with you!

How It Works

Operations have a fluctuating demand for air, that is why we need the Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology for compressors to make sure that your processes get the required air at the required time. this make sure that your compressor is not using more energy then needed, effectively decreasing your energy consumption. This effectively decreases the average lifecycle cost of a compressor by 22%.

Energy Saving

> With the variable speed system, the output pressure of the compressor can perfectly match with the demand of the system, which avoid n0-load energy consumption.

> Under the inconstant air demand the frequency conversion system can start without peak current, which avoid the overload and allows the compressor to stop frequently.

> With 2 bar output pressure control, the system can save 14% on energy comsumption.